1935 Fairmile Railton Sports drophead coupe 4 litre Hudson engine

This quite special car was manufactured in the Fairmile Engineering factory in the UK. It sits on a Hudson Chassis and has a powerful side valve straight 8 engine. The chassis/engines were imported from the USA and fitted with better suspension, brakes and an attractive body. These cars had the privilege of being known as the fastest accelerating production car of the day, with a zero to 100kph time of 8.6 seconds . They are also capable of 100mph plus. This particular example was imported from the UK in 2011 by well known Adelaide Identity, the late Clem Smith OAM who ran it successfully in Hill Climb events at Collingrove in the Barossa valley. When this and all other cars in Clem’s collection were auctioned by his estate John George purchased it. John was attracted to the Fairmile immediately when he realised the Fairmile Engineering company, also manufactured the high speed Fairmile motor launches utilised in the world war 2 war effort. Many were also built in Australia under licence from Fairmile UK by Halvorsen Boats in Sydney. Johns father Perce George served on one of these craft through the war. This car was described as the most important vehicle in Clems collection.